medius gluteus

31 Maj 17:45

sidebuttwork1sidebutsidekicckTHESE EXERCISES ARE my absolute favorite ones for side butt training (medius gluteus). I know it doesn’t look heavy at all but trust me it burns your ass up! (Remember to keep your head against the floor!)



bon día

29 Maj 11:41

I JUST GOT back from Spain where I had an amazing time with my friends and family. I did a lot of shopping cardio but always with a Baileys to go included and late night tapas with red wine to end with, ah I love it!

Anyway, the first thing I’m starting with now when I’ve been off my routines too long is some KICK ASS BEAST MODE workouts again. Later today I’ll show you some clip videos on how I workout the side of my butt. The butt has 3 different muscles, so to make it round and good looking you have to make sure you workout all 3 of them!



mañana mañana

7 Maj 10:18

backinspainbackinspain2I’M NOW BACK in Spain with my girlfriends and my sister! We’re always going here every year for a couple of stressfree tanning days and get ready for the summer – spain is the perfect place just for that!